Room Addition

Room Addition
Looking for more space without moving to a new home? Get room addition services

At Top-Pro Home Builders we believe that you should have a beautiful, functional and
comfortable house. Sometimes that means expanding your home and providing your family with extra space. Whether it is an extension to your kitchen or living room, or a brand new master suite, room additions will not only add more space but also increase the value of your home. As a full service licensed company we offer many room addition services. we have a team of architects, engineers, project managers and designers who will help you transform and expand your house every step of the way, from planning and pulling permits to choosing every little detail to bring your vision to life.

4 steps in Room Addition:

Vision & Meeting

You’ve surely imagined how your dream home should look. That’s why we begin by meeting with
you to learn all about your vision and to discuss your ideas, your budget and needs.

Design & Planning

After talking about all the details with the clients to get an idea of their vision and setting
expectations with material selection.We turn your home idea into real plans, blueprints, and
action schedules. We handle everything from architects And designers to city permits.
Our home designers will draw up your plans for your approval. Once approved, our permits
specialist on the way to getting green light from building and safety.
Once we get the approval, we start the construction phase.

Finish material & Build

The company will assist the customer in purchasing all the finished products required for the
project with the best interior designers and will direct the customer to the most selected
showrooms in the customer’s area of residence.

Project Management

We work from start to finish on your behalf, and provide full project management to produce the
end result you’ve only dreamed of. Our team will manage your construction and remodeling
projects from start to finish, so you can relax and do something far more your weekends instead!
You will have no worries while we are working on your project.

A Good Sketch Is Better Than A Long Speech”

-Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte-


We take great pride in our work, standing behind each project from concept and design to
completion. You can be assured that our team of highly-experienced and talented creative
designers will work with you to successfully realize your vision and deliver superior quality

Full Room Addition Service

Demolition, foundations, framing, plumbing, electricity, sub panel, gas meter, tankless water
heater, AC-mini split system, insolation, ventilation, dry wall, stucco, roofs, internal painting,
external painting, flooring, interior doors, windows, & kitchen cabinet and countertop and
bathroom remodeling. From design to completion.

Permits & City Inspections

We pull city building permits for all work as needed.
We are in charge of issuing and providing the city with any requested information.
We are in charge of scheduling and attending city inspections as needed per city building codes.
We are in charge of passing city inspections. (If an inspector requests a correction to an
inspected work, Top Pro Home Builders is in charge of correcting the inspected item and having it
re-inspected until passed.)

California Building & Planning Division requires the following floor plans to be submitted for room additions:

Room Addition Site Plan
Room Addition Floor Plan
Room Addition Electrical plan
Room Addition Section
Room Addition Roof Plan
Room Addition Framing plan
Room Addition Foundation plan
Room Addition Structural details
Room Addition T-24 Energy Calculations

Any style , any size & any budget with 100% satisfaction guaranteed we do all types of
room addition , Contemporary style,modern style and Spanish Style from concept and
design to consideration.

3D Rendering and sketch design

Project Video Clip
Scope of work Measurments
Planning & Measurement tool

Laminate Floor up to 500 SF